Bharathi’s Concept of Women Liberation: Legacy and novelty


Kalpana B

Associate Professor, Department of Tamil, Bharathi Women’s College (A), Chennai-600108, India


Women Liberation, Feminism, Equality, Creativity, Women Education, Concept of chastity, Divorce, Creative fiction, Feminist criticism, Concept of Modern women, Women’s right laws, Patriarchal Society, Widow remarriage, Child remarriage, Goddess worshiper, Reform thoughts, Gender equality, Female slavery, Progressive thoughts


Subramania Bharathi is probably the greatest poet in the History of Tamil literature. Many books and articles have been written both in English and Tamil praising his works and criticizing him for the past hundred years. His works have been taken up for research, to analyze Nationalism, language, politics, literature, translation, philosophy, feminism and religion.

This book entitled “Bharathi’s concept of women liberation:  Legacy and novelty” analyzes his feminist thoughts and the lives of women during his period.

The author of this book Dr. B. Kalpana carefully analyzes about Bharathi’s works, his period, tradition, his innovative and modern thoughts that paved the way to the future generation.

In this book, Dr. B. Kalpana points out, how Bharathi overcame tradition, and became a revolutionary poet of the twentieth century. Bharathi’s feminist ideology is carefully analyzed in this book from the historical perspective. 


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December 15, 2020



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